Tonight was one of my favorite classes of the year in Confirmation.

After comparing and contrasting the names and metaphors used to address God in a variety of ancient and modern prayers, we create a list of possibilities of our own – brainstorming job titles, relationships, tangible concepts… Then, using something we’ve written on one of the whiteboards around the room, or something else that pops into our imaginations as a result, we each write a letter (i.e. a prayer) to God with new language.

The students’ creations were amazing! They wrote, “Dear Mentor/Ancestor/Brain/Sun/Partner/Pen-Pal.” I wish I could share them – they were incredible. But I said I wouldn’t. *Sigh* Well, here’s mine:

Dear Little League Coach,

I don’t envy Your job – trying to balance the need (and desire) to get everyone in the game, to not play favorites, to teach – when every fiber of Your being must want to pick up the bat, the ball, the glove and just do it Yourself.

I can see the pride You feel when the kid who never gets a hit, nevertheless tries so hard… and the joy when he makes it to first. Which pleases You more, I wonder: that singular feat, or the consistency of the all-star who always comes through?

The mantra of Little League is it’s all about team and learning. Is that true of us, too? Are we getting it? If we do, does everyone get a slice of pizza and a trophy? Maybe if they knew that…

Coach, I know I’m easily distracted – the ball scoots into the outfield and I’m captivated by the dandelion floating by on the breeze; the pattern my shoe makes in the dirt. Just remember, You created that dandelion and the dirt. I’m trying to remember it, too.

Doing my best; thanks for the guidance —


Such a great and freeing exercise… Try it!

1 thought on “Correspondence.”

  1. I really like the metaphorical way that you addressed your ‘thank you’ note. Especially addressing the special feats of those who aren’t always the winners in the traditional sense. Also, the little one who totally forgets about the game and is just enjoying nature.


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